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Review from 01-09-18 on Amazon

I love this for my office. It took way longer to pump than I thought, but overall, I am in love. I switch between this and my regular chair because sometimes I just want to lean back and slouch in the chair (think horribly boring training videos) but the rest of the time, I love this ball. I swear being able to bounce on this thing helps me concentrate.

I have shoulder/hip issues. This is helping. I don’t know if it is because it activates my core, activates muscles, allows movement, or if the position of my legs is allowing muscles to keep from locking up.

At first I was self-conscious because I thought my coworkers (all old men) would make fun of me, but seriously, I don’t know if its cause they aren’t paying nearly that much attention and they don’t notice or if they actually don’t care, but no one has said a word. Honestly, I think its because I have the gray one and it blends into the carpet and they just don’t notice. Anyways, my ridiculous fears that my coworkers would make fun have been proven wrong.” b2m0k – Amazon Customer

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Review from 10-29-17 on Amazon

“Got it to work on my abs as while I’m on the computer. I broke my back earlier this year so its a good way for me to strengthen my lower back instead of sitting on a chair.” – Carloco. Amazon Customer

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Review from 07-06-17

I am very impressed with this concept. I have used exercise balls as desk chairs for several years and this addresses two of the three issues I have with them.
The first being they are too “squishy” and do not provide the right amount of support regardless of size/pressure. A larger ball may be the right height but not firm enough and a smaller ball is too firm when pumped to an adequate height.
This fixes the issues I had as the cover constrains the expansion of the ball and provides the necessary needed support that was missing.
The second issue that is resolved is you no longer get a hot seat from being in constant contact with a non-porus plastic surface. The felt “breathes” enough to make sitting comfortable over extended periods of time. I was initally concerned that the exposed seams may be uncomfortable, but that has not been the case in my last month of daily use.
The third item (which I have a simple fix for) is that the balls like to run away across the room every time you get up. Here is what you do: go to WM and get a container of copper BBs (1500 ct). Use the integrated funnel on the cap (you will have to cut with scissors to fit) and pour them in very slowly through the air vent. Now for under four dollars your ball will be well-behaved without adding much weight.
” – Carpemanana – Amazon Customer

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