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Dearborn Denim meets Vivora

Two Great Startups from one great city

Dearborn Denim is a startup in our hometown of Chicago in the gorgeous and vibrant community of Hyde Park. Charged with the initiative to responsibly source and produce the highest quality denim, Dearborn Denim sources their cotton in Texas, and produces their materials and jeans right here in the windy city. From a classic deep blues and blacks in fits from skinny to relaxed, and slim you’re sure to find a fit and a wash that suits your style best!

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with them and cannot wait to see where they go and how much they accomplish!

Check ’em out here:

Review from 01-09-18 on Amazon

I love this for my office. It took way longer to pump than I thought, but overall, I am in love. I switch between this and my regular chair because sometimes I just want to lean back and slouch in the chair (think horribly boring training videos) but the rest of the time, I love this ball. I swear being able to bounce on this thing helps me concentrate.

I have shoulder/hip issues. This is helping. I don’t know if it is because it activates my core, activates muscles, allows movement, or if the position of my legs is allowing muscles to keep from locking up.

At first I was self-conscious because I thought my coworkers (all old men) would make fun of me, but seriously, I don’t know if its cause they aren’t paying nearly that much attention and they don’t notice or if they actually don’t care, but no one has said a word. Honestly, I think its because I have the gray one and it blends into the carpet and they just don’t notice. Anyways, my ridiculous fears that my coworkers would make fun have been proven wrong.” b2m0k – Amazon Customer

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Review from 10-29-17 on Amazon

“Got it to work on my abs as while I’m on the computer. I broke my back earlier this year so its a good way for me to strengthen my lower back instead of sitting on a chair.” – Carloco. Amazon Customer

See this exact review and more on our Amazon listing!

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