I love this for my office. It took way longer to pump than I thought, but overall, I am in love. I switch between this and my regular chair because sometimes I just want to lean back and slouch in the chair (think horribly boring training videos) but the rest of the time, I love this ball. I swear being able to bounce on this thing helps me concentrate.

I have shoulder/hip issues. This is helping. I don’t know if it is because it activates my core, activates muscles, allows movement, or if the position of my legs is allowing muscles to keep from locking up.

At first I was self-conscious because I thought my coworkers (all old men) would make fun of me, but seriously, I don’t know if its cause they aren’t paying nearly that much attention and they don’t notice or if they actually don’t care, but no one has said a word. Honestly, I think its because I have the gray one and it blends into the carpet and they just don’t notice. Anyways, my ridiculous fears that my coworkers would make fun have been proven wrong.” b2m0k – Amazon Customer

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