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We see sitting as an opportunity to better ourselves. There’s no better way to stay active while seated than to use a sitting ball style chair – with Luno and Niko, you don’t have to sacrifice style. This is accent furniture with attitude.


Introducing the Vivora Luno: a multipurpose, aesthetically gorgeous, ergonomically designed active stability ball chair for the office or home. Luno is the elegant and practical answer to the modern seating dilemma. Elegant with health in mind.


A cleverly designed, active sitting ball style chair companion with character that everyone should try – expend physical energy while staying focused!

Our Mission

Daily stress challenges people’s minds and bodies. With our busy and often sedentary lifestyles, many of us can’t find the time to exercise and struggle with chronic muscle tightness and back pain. We here at Vivora fully understand your needs and have made it our mission to fix the everyday tools that are vital to you. Our sitting ball chairs are here to bring you simple, stylish, and active furniture that helps you stay healthy, concentrated, and fashionable.

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