Ball Chairs for Students & Children

At Vivora, we want everyone to stay active while sitting, even from a young age. Everyone wants to encourage kids to expend energy and maintain focus, so we developed a line of ball chairs for students and children, called Niko. Our medicine ball desk chair for kids and students is made with the same soft felt cover—with the addition of a fun furry face—as our adult sitting balls. This is the perfect option for high sensory kids, or any child who needs to get out the wiggles. Click on the information boxes and interactive display below to find out more about our ball chairs for students and children.

Focus Friendly

Release extra energy
Niko lets you wiggle while you work so you can let out some extra energy while your brain focuses.


Two Adorable Designs
Even adults need friends to help them achieve their goals. With two adorable bear faces, you’re bound to find the right Niko for your little one!

ADHD / Sensory

Wiggle Away Distractions
Niko is great for kids who like to move when they’re seated. Expending excess energy can help kids with problems such as ADHD focus while wiggling.

Discover Niko's Premium Features

Click the plus signs to see all of Niko’s premium features

Adorable Ear Handles

Playful and helpful, these ear handles make moving your Niko buddy easy and fun!

Taci-Grip Bottom

Built not to slip, Niko grips onto slick surfaces with its tacky bottom grips.


Niko's premium felt case is constructed in our patented self-standing design to ensure that when you walk away, Niko doesn't roll away.

Sphereform Case

Niko's SpereForm Case prevents the ball from squishing outwards under weight - this in turn makes for a stable, round, and active sitting experience for anyone who needs a more dynamic seating experience.

Study Buddy

Make Learning Fun
Niko makes study time buddy time – kids will love making time to sit and study with their new friend.

At home in your home

Great for your Kid's Room
Whether Niko is being played with or left around the house, this sitting ball adds great character to the home.

Adventure Ready

Weighing under four pounds, Niko goes anywhere you can. In the playroom, backyard, or even to the beach, Niko is built for a fun, adventurous life full of learning!
  • Vivora Niko Felt Seating Ball Chair for play and study – Brown Bear

  • Vivora Niko Felt Seating Ball Chair for play and study – Koala Bear


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