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Classic Felt

This is THE original. Famous for its comfortable give and utilitarian looks, the classic felt comes in three tasty color options and compliments any household material.

Get Noticed - Notice the Difference

The Artisan Series


Artisan Series - Chenille

This tightly woven chenille brings the true essence of Luno to life. Soft to the touch the basket weave provides a taut sitting experience for the pickiest sitters.

Function demands style. Choose yours.


Artisan Series - Suede Leatherette

Maybe you’re into the wild west – perhaps you’ve always wanted to sit on a giant medicine ball. Our worn hazel suede leatherette may be the saddle you’ve been waiting for.

Wild beauty


Artisan Series - Olefin

Unmatched in its durability and water resistance, this material excels outdoors; however, we here at Vivora do not believe such a gorgeous material should be confined to the outdoors. Pictures don’t do this material justice. The platinum gray color gives off a pearlescent sheen at different angles that some may not be able to avert their eyes from.

Stare at your own risk


Introducing the Natural Collection and LUNO MAX


Natural Collection Leatherette standard

With our natural collection leatherette, you get nothing but the best. Flawlessly textured, this material transcends the exprience of leather; trust us, you’ll never even know it isn’t the real thing.

Quality speaks for itself


Standard Size - Approximately 65cm


Natural Collection Leatherette MAX

Many of our customers asked us if we were going to make a larger Luno, so we did. Now Available in our Natural Collection Leatherette, this sitting ball chair means business. Ideal for those over 6’2″, those who fit that description will sit atop Luno MAX; for those below that height, MAX will be more of a leaning experience – this provides even more lower back-relief.

You spoke - We listened


MAX Size - Approximately 75cm



A sturdy study buddy and overall great pal, Niko is both a kids a chair and toy. Great for play rooms and study areas, Niko makes or a great gift or addition to a classroom!

Wiggle while you work - Study with a buddy!


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