Focus Friendly

Release excess energy
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Five adorable designs
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ADHD / Sensory

Wiggle away Distractions
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Discover Niko's Premium Features

Click the plus signs to see all of Niko’s premium features

Adorable Ear Handles

Playful and helpful, these ear handles make moving your Niko buddy easy and fun!

Taci-Grip Bottom

Built not to slip, Niko grips onto slick surfaces with its tacky bottom grips.

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Niko's premium felt case is constructed in our patented self-standing design to ensure that when you walk away, Niko doesn't roll away.

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Sphereform Case

Niko's SpereForm Case prevents the ball from squishing outwards under weight - this in turn makes for a stable, round, and active sitting experience for anyone who needs a more dynamic seating experience.

Study Buddy

Wiggle While You Work
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At home in your home

Great for your kid's room
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Adventure Ready


Weighing in under four pounds, Luno goes anywhere with ease. Luno is a versatile and fun seating option for outdoor events, barbeques, musical events, and more!

Do I need to buy an inner ball or pump for my new Luno or Niko?
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Are Luno and Niko safe to sit on?
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How do I put my Luno together?
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The inner ball is not big enough to fill the cover - what do I do?
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How can I clean my Luno or Niko?
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Can I use my Luno for exercising?
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Can I put my Luno or Niko in the dryer?
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Will Luno or Niko roll away when I'm not sitting on it?
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