Rigid Air Seat

Think of Luno as one of those normal yoga balls in a fine dress or a tailored suit. The premium anti-burst PVC inner ball’s pressure is contained by one our tightly fitting, meticulously crafted covers; it’s like nothing before its time. Luno stays round, doesn’t deform under weight, and has just enough give for your toosh. A Vivora premium, anti-burst, PVC inner ball comes with every Luno cover!

Improve Focus

Thanks to Luno’s spherical shape, you can shift, wiggle, bounce and do circles while you work so that while your body gets the movement it requires, your mind is free to concentrate on the task at hand.

Back and Joint Releif

Sitting on Luno engages abdominal and leg muscles, which will tone and strengthen those muscles over time. In turn, this encourages proper posture, and provides much-needed relief throughout the back while seated.

Great for any Décor

Luno makes itselft at home with any style décor and adds that extra bit of flair you’ve been looking for!

Family Friendly

The fun isn’t just for adults. Thanks to Luno’s 400lb weight capacity, bouncing children just became a family activity that’s fun for everyone!


Weighing in under four pounds, Luno goes anywhere with ease. Luno is a versatile and fun seating option for outdoor events, barbeques, musical events, and more!

Fit for Fitness

The concept for Luno was based on the exercise ball – Luno does everything an exercise ball does and more! Since its sphereform case holds the rigidity of the balls structure, Luno provides a much more sturdy work-out base for balancing.

Adventure Ready

Luno isn’t limited to use around the house – since it is easy to break down and set up, Luno makes for a comfortable and stylish replacement for a lawn chair.Bring Luno on your favorite adventure

Our Luno Sitting Balls

Artisan Series now available for purchase!

Classic Series


Artisan Series


Artisan Series

Suede Leatherette

Artisan Series


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to buy an inner ball or pump for my new Luno or Niko?

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Are Luno and Niko safe to sit on?

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How do I put my Luno together?

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The inner ball is not big enough to fill the cover - what do I do?

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How can I clean my Luno or Niko?

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Can I use my Luno for exercising?

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Can I put my Luno or Niko in the dryer?

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Will Luno or Niko roll away when I'm not sitting on it?

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