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Daily stress challenges people’s minds and bodies. With our busy and often sedentary lifestyles, many of us can’t find the time to exercise and struggle with chronic muscle tightness and back pain. We here at Vivora fully understand your needs and have made it our mission to fix the everyday tools that are vital to you. Our products are here to bring you simple, stylish, and active furniture that helps you stay healthy, concentrated, and fashionable.

Order, Shipping, and Other FAQ

Orders and Shipping

We offer free two-day shipping on all of our orders to the 48 contiguous states. When checking out this is automatically selected for you – all you have to do is place your order and daydream about your new Vivora product arriving in the next few days!

Since we ship our items from Amazon with the same two day service, unless if you want over-night shipping, there is no difference in shipping speed when ordering on this website or when ordering on Amazon.

Most orders placed before noon will ship the same day.

Does Vivora offer faster shipping options?

At the moment, we only offer complimentary two day shipping that is Prime Shipping through Amazon. See above for details.

Where can I find my order information?

To view your orders or tracking information, log into your account and click ‘Orders’!

How long do I have to cancel an order?

We hope that you don’t want to cancel your order, but in the case that you do,  please contact us as soon as possible after placing it so that we may stop the order from fulfilling. Send all order cancellation emails to support@vivora.net with the all caps heading “order cancellation request” with all relevant order information.

Shipping to P.O. Boxes

Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping to P.O. Boxes. If you attempt to input the address of a P.O. box at the checkout page, your order will be refused. Please select a standard address for shipping instead.

We apologize for this inconvenience!

Pre-Orders / Back Orders

Pre-Ordering and Back Orders are now available and easier than ever!

If you see an item that has an availability notification beneath it, simply click the link and you will be directed to the product page – at this point, just click the button ‘pre-order now’ and the item will be added to your cart. This item will appear in your cart with the description: ‘Available:…‘  Now just head to checkout to complete your pre-order process.

For your convenience, we’ve added two options for securing your new Luno or Niko before the launch or restocking date!

  1. [Credit Card (Stripe)] The first option is that you securely provide your credit card information and hit the button saying ‘place pre-order now’. Your credit card information will be safeguarded and will be charged for the amount of the pre-order when the product is available.
  2. [Pay Later] The second option is that you select the bubble with the text ‘pay later’ next to it. At this point you simply hit, ‘pre-order now‘ and then you will receive an email when the pre-order is available along with instructions on how to complete your order.

Note that there is no priority given for either of the options; they are simply there for your peace of mind 🙂

Cart-Related Problems with Pre- Orders?

When pre-ordering an item, our system needs to process the pre-order transaction separately for each pre-order as well as separately from non-pre-ordered items.

Example A: if you want to purchase two Felt Lunos in Anthracite and they are only available for pre-order, you have to do the pre-order process twice.

Example B: If you would like to purchase a Niko that is in stock and also pre-order a felt Luno in Anthracite that is only available for pre-order, you will need to complete the pre-order process from start to finish for the Luno, and once you are finished, you will need to add your Niko to your cart and complete the normal checkout process.

Any questions or concerns should be sent to support@vivora.net or through any of our ‘contact us’ forms across the website. We are more than happy to help clarify or walk you through the process 🙂

Setting up your new Luno or Niko

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Return and Exchanges

What is your return policy?

We offer a 90-Day money-back guarantee on all of our products. During and after that period we will always do whatever we can to make sure that you are pleased with your purchase. For domestic (U.S.) product returns, we will provide a free return shipping label once your return is approved. Each returned item will be inspected to determine that it is in unused, resalable condition. If upon inspection the items are deemed in unsalable condition or have been used or altered in any way, your refund or exchange credit will be subject to approval.

How do I contact Vivora about a defective product or returning my product?

All defective product claims and return requests should be sent to support@vivora.net or using one of the contact us forms anywhere on the vivora.net webpage.

Wholesale and Partnerships

Interested in wholesale pricing or becoming one of our partners? Contact us at support@vivora.net or through any of our contact forms on the vivora.net webpage with the heading “Wholesale inquiry” / “Interest in becoming a partner”.

Luno and Niko FAQ

Do I need to buy an inner ball or pump for my new Luno or Niko?

All accessories included

All Vivora products come ready to use - Luno and Niko come with a high-quality pump and industry standard anti-burst inner ball along with all required accessories needed for set-up.

Are Luno and Niko safe to sit on?

Steady and Stable - Even on Slick Surfaces

Thanks to its self-standing shape, Luno and Niko are extremely stable to sit on. We specifically designed them so that when the user is sitting on it properly there are no abrupt tipping points that could pose danger to the user.

To ensure that Luno and Niko stay put on slick surfaces, every Luno and Niko is equipped with a tacti-grip bottom or stability ring.

How do I put my Luno together?

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The inner ball is not big enough to fill the cover - what do I do?

Keep on Pumping!

Due to the manufacturing process, some inner balls come tight and need to be stretched out, so don't hesitate to keep on filling them up - don't worry, there is no risk at all of the ball rupturing from too much inflation! If it still is too difficult, fill the inner ball as much as you can and bounce on it for a while; then continue inflating - this should have stretched the material.

Still didn't work? Give us a holler and we'll find a solution!

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How can I clean my Luno or Niko?

Machine Washable

Luno and Niko are machine washable! The felt cover can be washed in cold water with like colors. Due to the materials used to make it, Luno and Niko should not be put in a machine dryer – hang dry only.

Can I use my Luno for exercising?

Exercise is encouraged!

The concept for Luno was based on the swiss ball - Luno does everything a swiss ball and more! Since its sphereform case holds the rigidity of the balls structure, Luno provides a much more sturdy work-out base for balancing.

Can I put my Luno or Niko in the dryer?

Machine Washable

Luno and Niko are machine washable! The felt cover can be washed in cold water with like colors. Due to the materials used to make it, Luno and Niko should not be put in a machine dryer – hang dry only.

Will Luno or Niko roll away when I'm not sitting on it?

Self Standing Shape

Get up and do not worry! Our Lunos and Nikos are built with a patent pending self-standing design so that when you stand up it will not roll away and will sit upright! Luno looks great by itself at a desk when you're not seated.

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